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DocMobile - Medical Help e.V.

"Who works for DocMobile?

100% of the work for DocMobile is done by volunteers!

With 4 teams running in different locations, there are more than 20 people from various countries working simultaneously. Each team consists of volunteers with different skills and backgrounds who all take time off and use their holidays to come and help in Greece. There are the indispensable medical staff. There are also coordinators who help new volunteers settle into their roles, and teach them all of the useful information required to help run the team smoothly and efficiently. There are also translators, medical students, and others that help providing the patients with the best care possible within our reach !

Coming to Greece is a gigantic challenge. The most difficult part is learning how to treat patients without having an easy access to any of the traditional tests such as blood tests or x-rays. What seems normal and straightforward for primary care in many countries is much more difficult to obtain in this environment, as we focus our work on homeless refugees and those out of the system...

Another challenge is the language. Volunteers not only try to orient themselves and learn the Greek alphabet, but also have to treat patients coming from several different countries. Kurdish, Farsi, Arabic, Urdu, and Greek are some of the languages that they encounter on a daily basis.

While this work is difficult, the smiles and thanks we get from our patients are what makes it worth it!

Our Donors are also extremely important people who help keep DocMobile going. Even if you aren't in Greece in person or cannot help with your time or skills, offering any form of financial support keeps us going!!! All donations go straight to helping thousands of refugees who lack access to healthcare.

If you would like to donate to help keep our organization running you can do so either by:
PayPal at
or transfer to:
IBAN: DE82 2585 0110 0230 3744 64
Account holder: DocMobile - Medical Help e.V.
(For a donation receipt (min 50 euros) please insert the name of the donator in the title of the credit transfer)

Thank you for your on-going support! We also want to express our warmest thanks to Indigo Volunteers, Ana Jorge (and her page Medics for Refugees) and HANDS International, who all provide volunteers willing to come and work with us !
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DocMobile - Medical Help e.V.

DocMobile Team South
Volunteer: Saartje
Age: 25
Country: Belgium
Occupation: Medical Doctor
Time spent with DocMobile: 16 days

In the South of Greece, there is a blind spot, a real bottleneck where 350 boys and men (mostly Afghani and Pakistani) are living in an abandoned factory. Every day they try several times to hide in a truck going to another country. They are on a dangerous quest, involving smugglers and poor living circumstances, hoping to reach western Europe and start a life without fear. Ironically, they call this “the game”, but the stakes are very high. Every day, you can see these men sitting at the Greek side of the fence, risking to be beaten or injured when trying to cross. What simply looks like a barricade for us, means the whole world to them.

Together with foodKIND, an organisation who provides healthy meals, DocMobile goes daily to the abandoned factories. In no time they build up a small health post, where quickly almost 50 men flock and ask to see a doctor. Scabies runs in the camp and is difficult to treat. Other major issues are muscle pain and strains from running and jumping. Many wounds heal badly because of poor hygiene and need daily cleaning and dressing to heal.

Apart from that, a conversation, a smile, a “how was your day?” works soothingly and is the most powerful medicine DocMobile provides. Some stories about the home countries of the refugees and the loneliness of the factory need to be relieved, sometimes it’s necessary to get it off your chest, but the health post is also a place for laughter and joking.

The work of DocMobile and FoodKIND in this particular area is invaluable, as there are no other NGOs coming there. The problem is unknown to many or neglected. The men are focused on continuing their journey and often do not search for help, even when their health condition may become life threatening. The circumstances are inhumane, but my heart fills with hope when I think about the amazing volunteers who bring food, plasters, bandages, medical care, their clinical eye, smiles and hugs.

I want to go back this winter and I hope to bring more funds for highly needed supplies and sleeping bags for the upcoming freezing winter nights.

Keep on doing what you are doing beautiful people of DocMobile. Big love to everybody involved!

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Good, good friend! Didn't know your German is that good 😮

Haider Dhyaa they work so good too!

o khar g

Saartje Quaghebeur you are an amazing human being to say it in Hannah Scarfs words. I am so proud of you.. strong strong woman, we need in this world!

Buen trabajo Docmobile!!

Doc mobile please go korintos camp there is very bad secution

Where is that? South of Greece? I knew something similar in the north (Thessaloniki) and Serbia. It's curious because in Serbia the refugees (afghans, pakistans, algerians...) give the same name (the game) to the attemps to cross the border (croatia or hungarian). They are hidden in the woods anda wthout medical assistance. Have you seen if it's possible for docmobile to work there? Thank you

best doctor Saartje

<3 you


Gooo Saartje 😘😘😘!!!

Amicie CM check this out!

Very well job

Thank you so much that all the groups that you have made a lot of help with the passengers.

Great work, really. Thank you all guys

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DocMobile - Medical Help e.V.

Sunday Summaries: The Island Lesvos

In 2017 there have been over 120,000 sea arrivals of refugees across the Mediterranean (according to the UNHCR). One of the main points of entry for Greece continues to be the island Lesvos. Lesvos this year has had over 5,000 arrivals from Turkey (UNHCR).

On Lesvos we see 20 to 30 patients a day, we attend to primary care issues as well as wound care and dressings. Some people come from a squat near by, they line up in front of our station because it is difficult for them to find care any where else.

Our Volunteers help people and in return build friendly relationships with patients. They are extremely grateful for our attention and our connection with them.

We will stay and help on Lesvos as long as possible. The sea arrivals continue, and the way forward into Europe continues to be blocked.

We are asking for funds in order to continue to buy medicine and other medical supplies for our patients, as well as for gas to run the mobile clinics that we operate. Please consider donating, your generosity is much appreciated!

Via PayPal at
or transfer to:
IBAN: DE82 2585 0110 0230 3744 64
Account holder: DocMobile - Medical Help e.V.
(For a donation receipt (min 50 euros) please insert the name of the donator in the title of the credit transfer)
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Thank you so much for helping

2 weeks ago

DocMobile - Medical Help e.V.

Sunday Summaries: Timeline of Greek Refugee Crisis and History of DocMobile
2011—Syrian war began

2015—over 1 million refugees and Migrants traveled across the Mediterranean fleeing war, violence and poverty

March 2016—EU/Turkey deal, borders closed, razor wire fences placed in the Balkans and in Hungary. Idomeni train station becomes a huge camp of more than 15,000 people, blocked in front of Macedonian borders.

May 2016—Greek authorities close Idomeni camp, relocate thousands of refugees in camps all over Greece. Idea of DocMobile starts at this time.

July 2016—DocMobile volunteers see first patients in Thessaloniki area

March 2017—DocMobile spreads to Lesbos, begins dental care

May 2017—DocMobile offers Medical support of other teams helping refugees in Greece

Now: DocMobile working with 4 different teams in Greece, sees over 500 patients a week of mostly homeless refugees who would otherwise have difficult access to healthcare.

Future: Borders to Europe are still closed, many large NGO’s are set to pull out of Greece in the next months, over 62,000 refugees still in country waiting for their asylum application processing. Many will become homeless when they get asylum in Greece if they don't find a job.
We plan to stay because we are still needed!

We continue to need funds, please see the below information and please consider donating to our cause to keep us on the ground, thank you!
Via PayPal at
or transfer to:
IBAN: DE82 2585 0110 0230 3744 64
Account holder: DocMobile - Medical Help e.V.
(For a donation receipt (min 50 euros) please insert the name of the donator in the title of the credit transfer)
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